Self-Driving × VR | Heijokyo with the latest technology



We created 360 ° VR videos and tablet guides on the “Heijo Kyoto Guided Tour with Automated Driving × VR Cutting-edge Technology”.


The Heijo Palace, which now has a lost building, was the center of Heijokyo, 1300 years ago. VR content that reproduces Heijokyo at the time can be experienced while riding in automatic driving mobility. In addition, a commentary using a tablet was provided together with the commentary from the local volunteer guide, and the direction of the tablet guide was also provided.



The content is guided to the existing CG image reproduced by Kyoto Heijo while combining characters.


The character is an original heavenly woman inspired by Heijokyo. I was in charge of everything from design, 3DCG production, and synthesis.

World view design

The tablet guide expresses Kyoto Heijo in a modern world design.


Directed historically difficult contents with soft and friendly expressions.

The director of new digital technology from XR/VR to video works, based in Tokyo Japan.

― VR/XR, Animation, Video
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